Rex Gatchalian opens Valenzuela’s own home for the aged, neglected kids


Rex Gatchalian knows he cannot ignore other issues just because COVID-19 seems to be the national problem.

The Valenzuela mayor went on with the scheduled opening for new facilities in the city meant to care for abandoned kids, children in conflict with the law, and neglected senior citizens. These are called the Bahay Kalinga, Bahay Pag-asa, and Bahay Kanlungan, respectively.

“While covid response has been our top most priority these past few weeks, we know very well that development work should not stop especially when it comes to the caring and protection of vulnerable sectors. Come month end we will open our very own Bahay Kanlungan – Tahanan ni Lolo at Lola. This new home will be our care facility for abandoned senior citizens,” the politiko said.