Making mama proud: Vico Sotto’s brother won’t skip COVID-19 vaccination line


Basketball coach LA Mumar will not use his connection to Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto to jump the line and get vaccinated early against COVID-19.

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday, April 13, Mumar said he and his wife have not gotten the vaccine even if Sotto is his brother.

“My mom didn’t skip the line, Vico didn’t skip the line, why would I?” he said.

Mumar said he wants to set a good example to his children, other people and show a good testimony as a Christian.

“I’m not a mayor like my bro, but we can do our part and choose what is right. One person, one family at a time,” he said.

Mumar accompanied his post with a screenshot of the art card featuring Sotto’s statement that their mother, actress Coney Reyes, has yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a Facebook live video on Monday, April 12, Sotto said his mother will have to go through the process of having an appointment for the vaccine even if she’s 67 years old.