Ruffy Biazon sides with ABS-CBN reporter after military tries to gaslight China’s wild goose chase at sea


The Armed Forces of the Philippines was in the wrong when it suddenly tried to blame ABS-CBN reporter Chiara Zambrano’s trip to the West Philippine Sea and got tailed by armed Chinese boats within the country’s exclusive waters.

“Instead of raising an issue of a journalist’s ‘insatiable desire to get ahead in reporting,’ the AFP should be more concerned that Filipinos were harrassed in their Area of Responsibility. There should be an insatiable desire to get ahead in defending Filipinos & Philippine rights,” Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon said.

He felt like the Armed Forces just wanted to pass on their inability to prevent such intimidation from happening to the reporter, who was able to capture it all on camera.

“We should even thank @chiarazambrano for providing valuable intelligence information on Chinese navy operations just 90 nm from Palawan,” the politiko added. “The video is incontrovertible evidence that can be used by the DFA and the DND in planning, strategizing, analysis and action.”