Vico Sotto adds ER holding area for Pasig COVID patients

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Vico Sotto is responding to calls for more hospital facilities as COVID-19 cases surge.

The Pasig City mayor acknowledged that the healthcare system is in danger of collapsing and found a quick fix.

“These are very difficult times… Puno ang mga Ospital. Ang hirap makahanap ng bakante sa ospital, kahit sa mga kalapit nating lungsod/probinsya,” the politiko said.

“Ito po ay isang bahagi ng tugon natin sa matinding problema.. kukulangin pa rin siguro, pero makakatulong kahit papaano: nag set up tayo ng TEMPORARY HOLDING AREA na parang extension ng ER,” he added, explaining that at least five beds will be added.

The area will accommodate moderate cases awaiting admission, which will have basic medical equipment and supplies to cure them.