Toby Tiangco brings back liquor ban in Navotas

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Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco has signed an ordinance reimposing a liquor ban in the city amid the surge in COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila.

City Ordinance No. 2021-18 prohibits the sale, delivery or purchase of alcoholic drinks within Navotas. It is also unlawful to possess or consume such beverage in any public places, or traverse or loiter in public places while drunk.

Tiangco said the liquor ban is necessary since safety protocols such as wearing of mask, non-sharing of food, glass or utensils, and social distancing are usually overlooked during drinking sessions.

“People also have this false sense of security that their drinking buddies–family members, friends or neighbors who seem healthy–do not carry the virus. But most of our patients are asymptomatic or do not show symptoms that is why it is easy for them to transmit the virus to others without their knowing,” he explained.

Violators of the liquor ban will be meted with fines ranging from P1,000-P5,000 or 1-10 days imprisonment.

Tiangco noted that the city recorded a steep increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past four weeks. Data from the city’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit showed 693 cases of COVID-19 cases in Navotas.