QC Essentials: Check out pandemic must haves supported by Joy Belmonte

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The local government of Quezon City has launched a line of essential products made by displaced and unemployed residents to help them earn money amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The product line, named QC Essentials, will include products such as alcologne, hand wash soap, dishwashing soap, among others. For its first run, 1000 solo parents from 30 barangays will be receiving livelihood starter kits to create alcologne.

Aside from the livelihood kits, solo parents will also be linked to possible customers such as establishments, restaurants, and other clients needing hygiene products.

“Following the old adage of “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, this program will provide our people with economic opportunities and help them provide for the daily essentials of their families,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

Quezon City Small Business and Cooperatives Development and Promotion Office (SBCDPO) head Mona Yap explains how this program is not the usual livelihood program where materials are just provided to the beneficiaries.

“Usually, livelihood programs have a one-way process where beneficiaries receive their starter kits, but here in QC, we want to make sure that they will also be provided with the right market so that they will truly gain sustainability,” she said.