Pasikat lang! Abalos, Zamora shamed for escort-filled cycling stunt around San Juan


Are these bike lanes all for show?

MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos and Mayor Francis Zamora came out in sports wear as they boarded their bikes to launch and inspect bike lanes traversing San Juan and Mandaluyong City.

Netizens did not like how they made it a publicity stunt, with Abalos clearly unfamiliar with his bike as he wobbled around in a line. He was also flanked by so many police escorts.

A netizen and cyclist put their photo against Pete Buttigieg, Transport secretary of US President Joe Biden, who seriously rides his bike to work even in his business suit to set an example to Americans and normalize two-wheeled travel.

“One sees it as a position to enact power. One sees it as a position to enact change,” a Twitter user said.