Ramdam ko kayo! Toby Tiangco also hates multiple contact tracing apps for every store


Toby Tiangco knows how frustrating it is to sign up for multiple contact tracing apps and to keep multiple QR codes just for contact tracing.

The Navotas mayor responded to a Twitter rant about having too many contact tracing apps on one’s phone, empathizing with the hassle.

“Tumpak! There should have been 1 app for the whole country,” the politiko said.

He doesn’t want it to happen again. “For the record I have already requested that only 1 vaccine passport be issued nationwide. There are more than 1,500 LGUs. it CANNOT be per LGU. hindi na natin alam kung alin ang peke,” Tiangco added.

“I requested it since last Feb 8 pa. imagine if all LGUs will issue their own vaccine passport and there are over 1,500 LGUs, hindi natin alam kung alin ang peke,” he also said.