Lakas mag- power trip! QC cop faces raps for arresting taxi driver without warrant


A Quezon City police officer is facing charges of grave misconduct, oppression and conduct unbecoming of a police officer for ordering the arrest of a taxi driver after a parking misunderstanding.

The taxi driver, Marlon Bacsal, filed the complaint against Police Lt. Col. Ariel Capocao, Deputy Director for Operations of the Quezon City Police District, before the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB).

In his complaint, Bacsal said Capocao wanted his taxi that was parked adjacent to the policeman’s house immediately removed.

Bacsal told Capocao he will remove his taxi once the sand that was placed in the area where he usually parks is removed later that day.

The complainant said he even apologized to the police officer, but the latter did not accept his explanation and instead cursed him.

Insulted, the complainant also cursed back at Capocao, telling him that he doesn’t own the road. Eventually, Bacsal decided to remove his taxi.

However, Capocao had Bacsal arrested without a warrant by police officers armed with M16 rifles. They had Bacsal investigated and was sent for a medical examination before filing an unjust vexation case against him.

The PLEB gave Capocao seven days to respond to Bacsal’s complaint.

“We will resolve this case in a swift but fair manner. I assure you, in the end justice will prevail” said Atty. Rafael Calinisan, QC PLEB’s Executive Officer.

Mayor Joy Belmonte expressed full support for the PLEB, saying she also wants to hold police officers accountable for their misdeeds if there are any.

“Sa QC, hindi kami kaaway ng mga pulis. But we have to protect the people from erring men in uniform, while we continue to take steps to rebuild the trust of the people with our law enforcers,” said Belmonte.