Isang tawag lang! Manila readies hotlines for COVID-19 vaccine queries


The city government of Manila has prepared hotlines to answer queries about the local government’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

Manila City Health Officer Dr. Arnold Pangan said the creation of the hotlines as part of the Manila COVID-19 Vaccine Action Center (MCVAC) was in line with the city’s preparation for the upcoming free vaccination of more or less a million residents, workers and visitors in Manila.

“Our action center will be there to respond to the needs of individuals who will get vaccinated. The MCVAC will guide you from Step 1 until the post-vaccination process,” he said.

Pangan said an emergency response team consisting of a doctor and an ambulance, complete with medical emergency kits, will be on standby in case there are any adverse events following immunization.

“If the need arises, an individual will then be sent to the nearest hospital in Manila,” he added.

Dr. Pangan encouraged the public to contact the MCVAC through the following mobile numbers for inquiries about the vaccination program: 0927-351-0849, 0915-703-0621, 0968-572-1975 or 0961-020-2655.