Ike Ponce ain’t bothered by doubts on COVID-19 vaccines’ efficacy: Maraming protina sa Pateros!


Pateros Mayor Ike Ponce shrugged off concerns about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines as the local government’s survey found that 79 percent of the municipality’s residents are willing to be vaccinated.

In jest, Ponce said on February 19 that Pateros residents don’t have to worry about lacking protein because the municipality is known for fertilized duck eggs or balut.

“If the vaccines are to give us protein to make ourselves develop antibodies that would fight the Covid-19 virus, we really do not mind vaccines giving us less or fix protein dahil marami po kaming protina sa katawan courtesy of ‘balut’ which admittedly rich in protein,” he said.

Results of Pateros’ survey showed 79 percent of the 550 respondents were willing to receive the vaccine against COVID-19. Ponce said he doesn’t know how many were hesitant to be vaccinated but said it was a small number.

Ponce said the local government aims to vaccinate 51,935 out of the municipality’s total 74,193 projected population.