Charisse Abalos thankful for special tribute to Lola Cora on TV

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The Abalos family owes a debt of gratitude to this reporter for giving their family matriarch an on-screen tribute.

Mandaluyong Councilor Charisse Abalos-Vargas could not believe how her dear grandmother Corazon’s death received airtime on ABS-CBN, thanks to the hard work of journalist Doris Bigornia. It meant a lot to the clan as closure to their dear one’s passing.

“This loss was big, but we will strive to move forward. And everyday, as we have done with Ciara, we dedicate our work for Mama Cora,” the politiko said, sharing the material. “Thank you Ms. Doris Bigornia for this coverage. This was aired last night, Feb 2, 2021.”