Napakakunat! Stella Quimbo says gov’t heartless for refusing additional stimulus


Stella Quimbo challenged the stingy policies of President Rodrigo Duterte’s economic team on fiscal spending.

The economist now Marikina congresswoman said there’s a huge problem in the economic managers’ refusal to pour billions of pesos more into direct aid, subsidies, and benefits to struggling Filipinos amid the year-long pandemic.

“Risk aversion makes stimulus useless? Or will more stimulus reduce risk aversion? More gov’t spending especially on vaccines will make people more confident to leave their houses and businesses confident to invest. But then again, there is no risk aversion when it comes to basic needs. People leave their homes to buy food,” the politiko pointed out, seeing it as a “chicken and egg” scenario.

“To say that economic stimulus becomes useless with risk aversion seems misplaced and heartless,” she added.