Bawal magkanya-kanya! Oca Malapitan:Only community fireworks display allowed in Caloocan

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Caloocan Mayor Oca Malapitan reminded residents about a Metro Manila-wide ban on firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices, saying only community fireworks displays are allowed.

Malapitan shared in a Facebook post the memorandum order signed by City Administrator Engr. Oliver Hernandez, which designated barangays as the primary implementing authority of the fireworks ban.

Those planning to organize community fireworks displays should obtain permission from the City Fire Marshall and Philippine National Police. The venue should be 100 meters away from the public.

The mayor said City Ordinance No. 0648 s. 2016 remains in effect, which prohibits the sale, manufacture, use and distribution of banned fireworks and firecrackers.

Among the banned firecrackers are the trianggulo, super lolo, giant whistle bomb and boga.