Rico Golez is a certified night owl

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Rico Golez is spending the holidays indulging one of his favorite hobbies once again.

The Parañaque mayor turned into a night owl as he stayed up reading a book on his desk, counting on a lamp and bookstand to get by.

Thanks to the holiday slowdown, the politiko was able to catch up with his bedside book.

“Have you read a book lately?,” he asked his followers. Fellow bookworms, raise your hand![0]=AZVRJVKlQX_eE9Li3nzkCd4VtEy_6B5SfmqqFeRXAosmjny0NvCNWw-K9HZeDDdpF-4DQDljkZLwE3ex2q7YlAzOUAqYfIVQYNSMUE4Ir4nLPAAWMMyn91Efhu_Io5BkE0kYbGAqnBP7hqEtSGdLSVAT1otm1TpCtGYQ7NnG5Yxy1Q&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R