Cop deserves ‘ultimate punishment’: Benny Abante bats for revival of death penalty for killer of mom, son in Tarlac

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Manila Rep. Benny Abante supports the revival of death penalty for the cop who shot a mother and son to death at close range in Tarlac.

Abante said Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca “brazenly broke our laws” with his killing of 52 year-old Sonya Gregorio and her 25 year-old son Frank Anthony Gregorio Sunday (December 20).

“By committing these acts in broad daylight and in front of so many witnesses, it is obvious that Nuezca believes his police badge places him above the law,” he said in a statement.

“Such impunity cannot be tolerated, and I believe that the ultimate punishment––the death penalty––should be revived to punish heinous crimes like these, to deter uniformed personnel from abusing their power,” Abante added.

The lawmaker has filed House Bill 1588, which seeks to impose death penalty for heinous crimes such as treason, qualified piracy, rebellion or insurrection, coup d’etat, parricide, murder, rape, plunder, and drug-related cases.