Lino Cayetano lauds Taguig police for arresting drug syndicate member in P20M drug bust

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Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano has praised the local police for arresting a notorious member of the Tinga Drug Syndicate during a buy-bust operation that led to the seizure of over P20 million worth of shabu.

Cayetano said the arrest and seizure of the sizeable amount of illegal drugs are proof of Taguig’s commitment to the war on drugs even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We vowed to keep Taguigeños safe. That means we will do whatever is necessary that is allowed by the law to protect them not just from COVID-19 but from illegal drugs and criminality as well,” he said.

Patrick Ace Tinga, 24, was arrested during the operation on November 4 at Barangay Ususan.

Apart from the three kilograms of shabu worth P20,400,000, seized from the group were 41.7 grams of marijuana worth P50,040; three digital weighing scales; two keypad cellphones; one eco bag; P8,000 in different denominations; and two P200 bills with dusting powder from the Southern Police District Crime Lab. The police also recovered a blue book of clients and buyers.

The Taguig government implements a one-strike policy against business establishments allowing customers to use illegal drugs. Under the policy, the city government immediately revokes the business permits of violating establishments.