Vico Sotto tells Pasig residents: Cooperate when asked toevacuate

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Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has appealed to residents to obey evacuation orders as the threat posed by Typhoon Rolly looms.

In a November 1 Facebook post, Sotto shared photos of Barangay Santolan residents arriving at an evacuation center.

“Kapag sinabihan po tayo ng Incident Management Team o Barangay na kailangan lumikas, mag-cooperate tayo kaagad. Mas mabuti nang nag-ingat tayo at di naman lumakas ang ulan, kaysa masyado tayong kampante tapos biglang tumaas ang baha,” he said.

Sotto said it would be more difficult for authorities to manage an influx of evacuees, especially since protocols against COVID-19 should still be observed.

He told residents to brace for strong winds and rains starting 8 p.m. on Sunday as Typhoon Rolly continues to affect Luzon.

“Praying for the best, preparing for the worst…,” Sotto said.