I’ll always stand by you: Lani Cayetano greets ‘wonderful husband’ Alan happy birthday


Taguig Rep. Lani Cayetano didn’t hold back on sweetness as she greeted her husband, Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano, on his 50th birthday on Wednesday, October 28.

To mark the occasion, Lani shared on her Facebook page some of the sweetest photos they have as a couple.

“Happy Birthday to my dear Alan. [heart emoji] [cake emoji] It is such a blessing knowing and loving a wonderful husband such as you!” she said.

Lani said she admires and appreciates her husband’s “devotion, kindness, and generosity” to their family.

“Love, I will always stand by you and support you with pride in my heart. Stay strong in faith and passionate in serving the people. [heart emoji],” she said.