WATCH: Princess Abante, Isko Moreno nail the perfect TikTok vid

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These two are dubbing legends!

Manila Councilor Princess Abante opted for a unique way to greet Mayor Isko Moreno for his birthday. She dug up an old TikTok video they did together, where they acted like two long-time friends teaching each other a lesson.

“Happy birthday, Mayor @iskomorenodomagoso!,” the politiko said after an eyebrow-raising imaginary conversation with Yorme.[0]=AZX91sByimgUYwP6mWpdXpv1nk8u0oNGfs0PSGtkNp4HnWYRw-JUfElirhfHUe-16972O14yelKM5nU323Zx7XJ2MpyVXdjjMTjIenr_-I-BGhT_YGvTS7zgmYH2XuPZiVWF3N4CfzVVyte91C40lYRvqwsw8bCaC3zR5YOWrunCWQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R