WATCH: Alfred Vargas shows off his home workout


Alfred Vargas has used the quarantine wisely to shave off some fat.

The actor now Quezon City congressman has made solid progress in trimming his weight and shaping up, thanks to his home gym that made it easier to work out.

Here, he shows off a portion of his routine where he handles heavy weights for his arms.

“Long road to fitness. Almost there,” he proudly said.[0]=AZVvWVrOF_PakhmxYrxo7Tg7___MSLddAl4nGIvA1GtON_MRSoi_-FyAeB_LjBE9JWwKFH0TjI-LmXbhtDSmt49u4IQdnEc1HxSlOeeeaScbmFYHMhm9Ch7HDhd5n3r-bvZLJl_H5_Eo8E8laxn6dzjoRMvuQl1leOGGj-l0XrmsG48k1YC5yRMKUplwimKJe72f4XXeL2HxIGrsDO5tlctb&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R