Eric Olivarez is back to teaching


Eric Olivarez has gotten the hang of online classes.

The Parañaque congressman is truly a passionate educator, so much that he maintains some post-graduate classes to teach despite being a hardworking politiko.

“First of the fourteen sessions of my Principles of Teaching class in the Graduate School of the College of Education at DLSU. I’m always looking forward to see my students who share my passion for teaching,” the politiko said, snapping photos from his virtual lecture.[0]=AZU31P2xRBPeX3Pvpf9oyTMBa4ntyo4XZOjn0ivHfLWmau3LE36aCB1YyBRP3Hkg5jWnz55zrvKSuX5r_KWKDRehXBk7cN2wFaGn3ferDzAcOn0rH5qQkztBiLy17hkJHWRwlmi0FoFgNWdmlSipp7QW-TZ74d7hoMvt_QQHdck7VZr0d72pCZxns0obvdgHXFw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R