Bayani Fernando beautifies this Marikina store

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Bayani Fernando still has his magic hands working for Marikina.

The congressman is big about looks, so he gave this store and home a facelift to make the city’s scene a little more desirable.

From what looked like a rickety old store with a sinampay view on top, the politiko transformed the two-storey structure into a pink and white motif to look cleaner.

“Tunay na kapag malinis ang isang tahanan, ang mga nakatira ay makakaiwas sa sakit at ang kabahayan ay mas kaaya-ayang tignan,” the politiko said, promising that other homes may benefit from this facelift too.[0]=68.ARDdm_cevMwtnPP_zW0Q2KEY8bsBOoMFwSduhER3futvCzaYRrUvj7EhlvIKOORqqTJmtekOSy6iseDHNuhZ-PrgZov90Av4hfChcVPRPvI0Gromcam4A04DNzBz-7jF5SfCMNPU4LHgRGQlqVcxy9bYFoSnWCOHFNKrh_RzZFkZwDIzTsYsfk46MKSinV36cT51tDXTy-qYITts1bnCuTEJKlRNUfL-vBP44MGd8ohNUc60YwAZzeDIag9WsvDdn2fZkNjoHrQESJf70PFKqIaf-5v1NFQS7PX4kWsQMPg7Cq5qlScfVBht-wQ64r0Yahg2JZHXdWilTKnTZSZbFIbGNtOlp2Pti-BVfrOmIA1_9Qro5RPctbUTu4AFxA9y99I#