Alfred Vargas shares wisdom on aging: Enjoy being 41 when you’re 41, not 21!

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Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas is proud to be 41 years old—and he doesn’t wish to turn back the clock.

In his maiden column for the Philippine Star, Vargas said there’s wisdom in enjoying one’s age.

“Enjoy being 41 when you are 41. Some enjoy 41 when they’re 21. Others enjoy 21 when they’re 41—not a good idea,” he said.

“Learn from the past and plan for the future! But never forget to live in the moment, the now!” Vargas added.

The three-term lawmaker said it’s also important for a person to pursue meaningful relationships and define his or her non-negotiables as one grows older. Vargas said his priorities are God, family, work and service to others, in that order.

“I’m quite lucky that numbers three and four are one and the same,” he said.