Fresnedi signs deal with POPCOM-NCR to boost local dev’t planning

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Muntinlupa mayor Jaime Fresnedi has entered into a partnership with the Commission on Population and Development-NCR to enhance the city’s planning process through the integration of population and development (PopDev) interrelationships and dynamics.

The partnership aims to enhance the city’s Ecological Profile (EP) to ensure evidence-based development planning and integration of people’s actual needs and aspirations in the local development plan.

Under the MOU, POPCOM-NCR shall provide technical assistance to the local government for the identification of population and development indicators that can be integrated in the EP to ensure comprehensiveness of local demographic and critical socio-economic indicators to be used as bases for development planning.

The Commission shall also mentor LGU personnel to develop a model or good practices for PopDev mentoring approaches at the local level.

Fresnedi extended his gratitude to POPCOM-NCR for their commitment in assisting the city towards achieving sustainable and data-informed development.