House minority to work with Velasco-led majority in passing important bills

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The House minority bloc led by Manila Rep. Benny Abante has vowed to work with House Speaker Lord Allan Jay Velasco to pass bills that will benefit the people.

In a statement on Tuesday, October 13, Abante said the minority bloc is committed to work with the majority coalition.

“We have, for the past few days, been concerned observers as our friends in the Majority resolved who would lead the House in the coming months,” he said.

“As we move forward, we hope to work with our colleagues to quickly and thoroughly thresh out the details of the national budget, conscious of our mandate to come up with an appropriations measure that addresses the adverse impact of the pandemic on the lives of our countrymen,” Abante added.

Velasco was elected Speaker by 186 lawmakers in proceedings held at the Celebrity Sports Plaza on October 12. His election was ratified in Tuesday’s session at the House of Representatives.