Bayani Fernando bats for use of 1 classroom per asymptomatic or mild COVID-19 patient

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Marikina Rep. Bayani Fernando has suggested the use of classrooms as quarantine facilities for patients with mild or no symptoms of COVID-19 as it will be safer than allowing them to isolate in their own homes.

“I am proposing that asymptomatic individuals be quarantined in classrooms and the ratio would be 1:1 or one classroom, one COVID-19 positive person. In this way, we can prevent further transmission,” Fernando said.

The lawmaker cited a recent study by South Korean epidemiologists which found out that people were more likely to contract the corona virus from members of their own households than from contacts outside home.

“The people are afraid to go to these facilities. So they would rather choose to stay in their homes, putting their families at risk of infection. We have to allay the fear of the patients while at the same time protect the well-being of their families,” Fernando said.

The lawmaker believes there are enough classrooms around the country that can be used as COVID-19 quarantine facilities. He said these have electric fans, which will facilitate good ventilation.