May allowance pa rin! QC assures teachers of support for blended learning

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The Quezon City government assures its public school teachers that they will continuously receive their monthly supplemental allowance to support their needs for the new learning modalities.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said the local government will provide a supplemental allowance for teachers. It will also provide 3,210 laptops for teachers in all 160 elementary and secondary public schools.

Aside from its provision for modules and tablets for students, the local government also prioritized the teacher’s need for laptops and other equipment and has allotted more than 124 million from its special education fund for school year 2020-2021. These laptops will be complementing the existing laptops used in the city’s public schools.

A monthly load of P1000 will also be provided for all public school teachers to aid them in the preparation of modules and lessons.

Belmonte said a separate fund has been allotted to provide financial assistance to the city’s public school teachers.

This budget will cover their annual medical check-up of teachers, retired teachers medical assistance program, death aid contribution system, and medical assistance for seriously ill teachers.