Trillanes: Why not just ban Duterte, minions on Facebook?

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There will be less toxicity and fake news if President Duterte and his supporters are banned on Facebook.

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV made the proposal after President Duterte used his recent public address to rant against Facebook. Duterte is furious after Facebook took down alleged fake accounts linked to his government.

“Instead of banning Facebook in the Philippines, why not just BAN DUTERTE AND HIS MINIONS from Facebook? Less toxicity na and less fake news pa,” Trillanes tweeted on Sept. 30.

The Facebook takedown of pro-government accounts drew the ire of Duterte early this week.

Duterte, who won the 2016 polls largely with the help of social media, trained his sights on Facebook, questioning why he should allow them to stay in the country. The 75-year-old also called for a meeting with Faceboko, saying he wanted Mark Zuckerberg’s company to explain their purpose in the country.