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Matagal na ‘to! PNP defends 2-day notice requirement for interviews

MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday clarified that the standing operating procedure (SOP) on requests for media interviews has been a long-standing policy.

In a press statement, PNP spokesperson, Col. Ysmael Yu said his assumption as the new chief of the police force’s Public Information Office (PIO) has nothing to do with this matter.

“This advisory has been with us since then. It is advised to all concerned to be reminded that not all information is within the immediate reach of the office, but as an organization, PNP has its offices empowered of such function (where they) can competently react (to) immediate inquiries. Of course, you will have this reaction for a reason that it has long been set aside,” Yu said.

He said the purpose of recalling and revisiting the rules is within the communication flow of the PIO’s system.

“This advisory is published for your governance on win-win relations on communication. I am your Chief PIO-(Spokesperson) for the time, I will do my role as expected to deliver the expected performance, within the margins drawn on my job description,” Yu said.

This came as some members of the PNP Press Corps asked the police force to reconsider its policy requiring them to submit a formal letter of letter request two days before they can do an interview.

Based on the advisory released on Tuesday, it covers requests for interview on radio, television and online streaming platforms. If the requested date coincides with another request, the first request will be prioritized, while the second request will be rescheduled for another available date and time.

The PNP said the measure aims to help personnel cope with the workload and to ensure all media requests are properly served. (PNA)