Bar 2021 may be online: Leonen mulls hybrid conduct of exams


Supreme Court (SC) Justice and 2020 bar examination chairman Marvic Leonen has confirmed that the bar examinations could be held online in soon.

“I confirm the statement of the Chief Justice during the September 24, 2020 Budget Hearing of the Judiciary that Office of the Bar Chairperson has been studying the possibility of conducting online but proctored bar exams or a mix of online and written exams in more than two places as part of bar reforms,” he said in the latest bar bulletin.

“Accessibility to the bar exams and geographic equity has always been one of the more important principles that has moved bar reforms,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Leonen said has “provided general briefings to the Court En Banc but have not yet made a firm proposal until all the logistical and security issues have been worked out.”

“I am also in constant consultation with members of the Court and the bar chairpersons that will succeed me in 2022, 2023, and 2024,” he added.

Leonen said that he will also make in the appropriate time “essential coordination with law schools represented by the Philippine Association of Law Schools.”

“In the coming months, pilot tests will be done to see the viability of various proposals,” he said.

“Critical to the timeline is to provide the bar applicants with information ahead of the scheduled examinations so that they can be prepared to use the new modalities, if any,” he added.

Though this year’s bar examinations has been canceled, the magistrate urged “bar applicants to study well and address the security and safety not only of themselves but also their loved ones.”

“The quality of your study will determine the quality of your results. Find inspiration in the possibility that you can be of greater service to our people,” he advised.