Sigurado sa tahanan: Menchie Abalos hands over subdivision plan for ‘landless’ homeowners

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Homeowners at select areas in Mandaluyong City no longer have to worry about being evicted from their homes anytime soon as there’s now a document stating how certain properties should be divided.

Mandaluyong Mayor Menchie Abalos handed over on Thursday, September 17, the subdivision plan for housing beneficiaries in San Miguel Plainview, Trazo Compound, Trinidad Property and PNR in Baarangay Hagdan Bato Itaas, Hulo and San Jose.

The subdivision plan states how the lands where the homes stand should be divided among homeowners.

In a Facebook post, Abalos said the project is part of the Land for the Landless, Home for the Homeless program that the city government is doing through the housing development department.