Ruffy Biazon dismayed with DENR logic on white sand around Manila Bay

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Ruffy Biazon thought the Environment department would know better.

The Muntinlupa congressman joined many other netizens pissed and disappointed with the move to put artificial white sand around Manila Bay in an attempt to make it look like a Boracay dupe, with people clearly knowing the water remains filthy to this day.

“I shudder at the thought that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the leading proponent of this environmental cosmetic surgery. Nature has its way of pushing back at man-made impositions,” the politiko said, throwing a virtual scoff towards DENR.

“The logic seems to be ‘because the sand is white, it’s better.’ Sadly, it follows the logic of ‘light skin is better,’ propagated by the skin whitening promoters. If DENR wants to rehabilitate Manila Bay, it should’ve prioritized water quality, not sand color,” he added. What a shame!