No liquor ban but…: Fresnedi sets cap on number of alcoholic drinks consumed in public


Muntinlupa Mayor Jaime Fresnedi has approved an ordinance regulating the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages for the duration of the General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Under City Ordinance 2020-119, drinking of liquor shall only be permitted within the private residence of the consumer. Social drinking involving individuals not living in the same residence is still prohibited.

While, consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places such as restaurants, resto-bars, and other commercial establishments shall be regulated. Restaurants may only serve a maximum of two bottles for beers, and two glasses for hard drinks, wine, and whiskey.

Violators will face penalties amounting to P500.00 for first offense, P1,000.00 for second offense, and P2,000.00 for third and subsequent offenses.

While violators who are minors, a stern warning will be given for first offense, withdrawal of scholarship grants from the local government or P500.00 (non-grantee) for second offense, and P1,000.00 for third and subsequent offenses. Charges for minors shall be fined against their parents or guardians.

A penalty of P5,000.00 including closure, suspension, or revocation of its business permit or license; and imprisonment of at least one year shall be given to violating business entities.