Netizens are torn on Isko Moreno’s baybayin text on Lagusnilad signs

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Is it just decorative?

Mayor Isko Moreno made history once again as he dressed up the once grimy Lagusnilad Underpass in Manila to a well-lit passageway with clean walls and bright murals. Another eye-catcher was this signboard near Manila City Hall, which had Baybayin script written beside the plain text.

Netizens had mixed feelings about it, with many saying it was pointless as only few Filipinos know that script.

“Signs that can’t be understood are just designs,” forensic expert Dr. Raquel Fortun said.

“While having Baybayin there is cool, but let’s not forget that signages are functional. There is a science behind it, ensuring maximum visibility, readability and viewer’s safety. With these considerations, I’d rather not put a “cool” translation that no one can actually read,” another said.

Others were supportive.

“If it’s to inform people about baybayin and for now use it as an aesthetic, which will eventually make people curious. They will try to learn it and that’s a good thing,” said another Twitter user.