Kilos agad! Isko Moreno signs P200M standby budget for COVID vaccine


It’s still unsure if a COVID-19 vaccine will be ready by December as promised by President Duterte, but it’s better to be ready.

Mayor Isko Moreno lauded the valiant effort of the Manila City Council, who all moved one step ahead to get their hands on a possible cure to the coronavirus as early as possible. Drug companies may still be deep into clinical trials, but the council already set aside P200 million to buy these vials once ready.

“It turns out that the Manila City government already has available funds worth P200 million for the IMMEDIATE PROCUREMENT of COVID-19 vaccines for all Manileños should it become available this year. No need to wait for 2021 budget if vaccine is available this year,” the politiko said, thanking the councilors for the swift passage of the budget ordinance.