Nakaka-TikTok na! Charisse Abalos shares secrets to COVID-19 recovery


Things are looking up for Charisse Abalos after her bout with the coronavirus.

The Mandaluyong councilor gave an update on her Facebook about how she’s coping with COVID-19, and thankfully, she’s fit enough to be up and about. She even got enough energy to perfect dance moves off TikTok.

“Day 8 of my self-quarantine: I’m slowly regaining my smell and taste. No new symptoms. I feel great!,” the politiko said.

Here’s a useful tip for other patients too as she revealed what’s been helping her get by while staying under home quarantine.

“My COVID treatment: multivitamins (Dapat May zinc and Vit D), lemon ginger honey water, 6-8 hour sleep/ rest, steam therapy (suob), prayer, meditation,” She added. Of course, prayers of friends and family were helpful too.

Get well soon!