Mayor Rex Gatchalian fumes as this bus loads up on passengers


Rex Gatchalian said the driver of this bus which picked up passengers like normal will be sent behind bars.

The Valenzuela mayor was so pissed to see this netizen report of a bus passing the city which loaded up on passengers like there was no pandemic, with all seats nearly occupied to disregard social distancing.

The politiko was so mad that he threatened to ban the entire bus line from entering the city.

“Dear Metrolink Bus (please share to them if you know people who work there)
Kung akala niyo dahil ang operating license walang say ang Valenzuela sa operations niyo dahil ang operating license niyo ay galing sa LTFRB at hindi sa amin laking mali niyo. If your owner and the driver of this bus does not appear in my office Monday by 12noon, I will personally make sure that all your buses are barred from entering the city. If you do, we will stop you and impound your buses,” Gatchalian said.

“Papakulong namin ang driver niyo na gumawa neto and also fine you. Subukan niyo pa ulit let’s see what happens,” he added, taking note of the “clear violations.”