Mayor Isko Moreno thanks hotels, motels for accommodating frontliners for free


Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno has personally thanked the owners and operators of hotels, motels and other accommodation who housed medical frontliners for free without asking for anything in return.

“Since day one, wala na kayong kita. You really suffered severely as an industry. Mano pa, Manila was the first to come up with an executive order requesting each of you to help our medical frontliners to accommodate them,” he said in a speech delivered at the City Council session hall on Wednesday, July 22.

“Most of you went to us voluntarily, and I am grateful for that. It cost you millions, but you did not ask for a single cent. On behalf of our doctors, nurses, hospital staff who were accommodated in your place of business, we thank you. I cannot thank you enough,” Moreno added.

As an expression of gratitude by the Manila City government, the city government turned over credit certificates worth P100,000 to owners of hotels, motels, inns, dormitories and apartments.

Under Ordinance No. 8646, the tax credit “may be applied on all forms of local business taxes, regulatory fees and services including the appropriate surcharge and penalty interests.”

“Ang sabi ko (sa City Council), let’s meet them halfway as a matter of token of appreciation. We came up with (the tax credit) upon consultation with Licenses Division chief Atty. Paul Vega and Bureau of Permits director Levi Facundo,” Moreno said.

While the mayor admitted that “P100,000 is not enough,” he said it is the Manila City government’s way of showing that “we are being true to our word when we say thank you.”