Bad timing! Precious Castelo thumbs down charter change


Quezon City Rep. Precious Castelo has expressed opposition to the charter change proposal floated by local politikos, saying it is not the right time to proceed amid the worsening Covid-19 pandemic.

Castelo expressed fears that putting constitutional amendment proposals on the legislative agenda in the coming months would derail the country’s response to the health crisis.

“Cha-cha is a highly divisive issue. It will sap the nation’s attention, resources, logistics, and manpower, which will all be diverted to this untimely effort,” she said.

“Our people and the international community, especially our Southeast Asian neighbors who are wondering why we have not been able to contain Covid-19 despite having the longest lockdown in the world, will see us as insensitive and arrogant if we tackle Cha-cha now,” Castelo added.

Instead of discussing proposed amendments to the Constitution, Castelo urged lawmakers to focus on COVID-19 response and economic stimulus measures, including those that the House has already approved and which are pending in the Senate.

“We are seeing spikes in big numbers in infections that require our collective and single-minded attention. Let us not be sidetracked by issues we can postpone debating and fighting on and resolving,” she said.