Rex Gatchalian is all praises for the Ongs and CDO. Here’s why

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The Ong family has been a very reliable and generous supporter of the Gatchalians.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian had nothing but praises for the CDO food company, which produces their goods in Valenzuela and never forgets to give back to the people. The politiko added that they have showered the city with donations especially during lockdown, and they did not stop even after rules were relaxed.

“CDO the maker of our well loved canned food products is a proudly Valenzuela company. They have been by the city government’s side through thick and thin,” the politiko said, acknowledging a fresh donation of cash and 288,000 meatloaf cans to mark the company’s anniversary.

“Now each senior citizen will get a food box and a bag of meat loaf (bag of 5 meat loafs each)… these meatloaf cans will surely go a long way in the nutrition and well being of our seniors,” he added.