Dapat certified by doc! QC releases guidelines for getting PWD IDs


The Quezon City government has issued new guidelines to ensure only legitimate Persons With Disability (PWDs) will have PWD identification card.

Memorandum Circular 16 signed by Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte states that applicants for PWD IDs must obtain certification from a government-run hospital for their disability if it is not visibly apparent.

The Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) is tasked to coordinate with a Quezon City government-owned hospital to check the applicant’s supposed disability.

The PDAO will schedule the applicant at one of our hospitals and have them undergo a personal assessment by the appropriate specialist medical doctor.

If the doctor confirms the disability, only then will the PDAO issue the PWD ID.

For PWDs with apparent disability, or those with obvious physical manifestation, they only need to submit their latest medical certificate or abstract describing the disability or a photo showing their apparent disability.

Aside from the medical abstract/certificate of verification, PWDs must also submit proof that they are residents of Quezon City, such as a government ID with address or barangay certificate of residency, and 2×2 ID picture.

The PDAO will scrutinize multiple applications from the same household or same address where the disabilities are not visibly apparent and have them undergo verification by a city-run hospital.