Vico Sotto cedes PLP post to Councilor Corie Raymundo

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Vico Sotto knew he wasn’t an expert in running a university, so he’s humble enough to admit it.

The millennial mayor joined the meeting of officials from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig as they mapped out plans for the new school year, which will need to shift to online-based learning. While he may be officially part of the school administration given his post, Sotto knew PLP will be better off in the hands of someone more experienced.

“I’m not an academic and also have a lot on my plate, so I’ve asked Coun. Corie Raymundo and the rest of our very competent Regents to take the lead in reviewing the plans for the upcoming SY,” Sotto said. He went on to explain why: Raymundo once served as Vice President for Academic Affairs in the University of the Philippines.

“The students of PLP are in good hands,” he added.