Rico Golez powers through 625 push-up challenge


His body looks better toned after this challenge!

Parañaque Vice Mayor Rico Golez made the most out of quarantine by focusing on his body and health as he stayed indoors. Congressman Eric Olivarez, a certified gym rat, challenged the politiko to a 25-day push up challenge, where he must do at least 25 push ups a day.

“Challenge accomplished!!!! I was lucky enough to be nominated and challenged by my good friend, CONGRESSMAN Eric Olivarez of the first District of the City of Paranaque to do 625 push-ups over 25 days to raise awareness for mental health,” Golez said, sharing his more defined chest and shoulders nearly a month after accepting the challenge.

He did remind his followers that only those who are in good physical condition should be doing this. The vice mayor is equally happy to recruit even more people and pass the message of good health and mental health awareness along.