Francis Zamora says Baguio visit meant for ailing wife

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Francis Zamora offered a pretty serious reason for driving to Baguio City despite quarantine protocols.

In a Facebook post, the San Juan mayor announced that he has apologized to Mayor Benjie Magalong for the weekend ruckus involving his 30-man entourage that violated Baguio’s triage protocol meant to protect the city from COVID-19 infections. Zamora has argued that he was asleep in his car when their convoy bypassed quarantine measures as they travelled to the Baguio Country Club.

The politiko explained that the sudden trip to the city wasn’t just to relax, as it was to help his wife Keri undergo active treatment in a relaxed location. She is apparently a stage 3 breast cancer patient and wanted to recover while taking “a very needed rest.”

“We decided to go to Baguio because her family has an old house there. She was going to stay there for a few weeks to rest and recover,” he added, noting that they were supposed to fix the house to make it more homey.

“There was never any intention not to follow Baguio’s health and security protocols,” Zamora said.