Magiging Bike City na! Taguig rolls out plan for bike safety

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The local government of Taguig launched on Wednesday, June 3, a comprehensive plan to promote biking as a mode of transportation and protect bikers.

The Taguig City government set up bike lanes along Cayetano Boulevard and Bayani Road, and renovated the protected bike lane along C6 Road, all for a three-day demo showcasing that biking is doable in Taguig.

It also created an Active Transport Office dedicated to studying the ways Taguig could champion biking to citizens and become a bike-friendly city.

The Active Transport Office will contact malls and other establishments to provide bike racks for employees and customers, even to create programs to incentivize or subsidize those who would like to switch to biking as their method of transportation between work and home.

The City Health Office and barangay health centers will also launch bike-lending programs for employees.