Galit-galit muna! Rex Gatchalian hands out personal lunchboxes for city hall workers


There’s no pantry and midday chikahan among employees for now.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian thought of each employee’s experience as they returned to work at the Valenzuela City Hall on Monday, June 1. Apart from distributing uniform face masks, the politiko has also given a personal lunch box per staff for them to use for their meals. It’s also his way to disperse possible crowds which may form at the canteen.

“Sa Monday city hall canteens will operate na din pero no dine in puro patakal and take out,” the politiko said. This was his way to enforce the new normal that people should eat alone on their desks and no sharing of food between coworkers to prevent contamination.

“This is not a picnic. New normal pero professional pa din. No more social interactions during lunch break muna,” he added.