Rex Gatchalian can get OC, but it’s helping him run Valenzuela


Mayor Rex Gatchalian wants order at all times, which shapes how he runs Valenzuela City.

The politiko revealed in an ANC X interview that he is a neat freak, which could lead to some calling him OC (obsessive-compulsive) as he wants everything done correctly ans swiftly.

The feature article on him revealed that the pens and pads on his city hall desk are taped to his table to keep them in their precise places in case maintenance people decide to do a quick sweep to clean up.

“Life is too stressful already at the City Hall. The last thing I need is not to be able to function just because certain things are not arranged the way I want,” Gatchalian said.

This is also how he pursues work for the city: “It makes me sleep more soundly knowing I’ve done the job, rather than wait for tomorrow because tomorrow might have a different story.”

How inspiring!