Rex Gatchalian asks Duque: Do we stop testing asymptomatics now?


Rex Gatchalian wanted Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to clarify if it is now government policy not to test people not showing any COVID-19 symptoms, following his claim that they do not infect other people.

The Valenzuela mayor is dazed and confused, having learned from experience that some people are carriers of the virus despite not going through any form of sickness – something he picked up through local mass testing efforts.

“Pursuant to your statement yesterday on asymptomatic patients… given that you said they are not infectious does it mean we release all our patients in our isolation units. We have close to 200 of them now. Bec that surely will make our lives here easier,” the politiko said.

“The patients inside our units are getting anxious them thinking now we are holding them unnecessarily,” he added.

Ano ba talaga?