Maiba lang! Vico Sotto pulls prank on Pasig students

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Vico Sotto had a surprise announcement on Twitter that’s sure to make kids think twice.

The millennial mayor tried to return to old days and announced that classes in Pasig City will be suspended on Friday, May 15 as Typhoon Ambo hits the country. He even did it in the formal format, using the hashtag #WalangPasok and all.

“O maaga announcement ngayon ha,” Sotto joked, playing on the fact that schools have been closed since March due to the coronavirus.

“But seriously speaking.. lalo na sa mga scholars natin, maghanap din sana tayo ng oras mag-aral. Kahit in between tiktoks lang,” the politiko added.

He even messed up the date, saying it was still May 14th this Friday. Still, the joke was an instant hit online.